What can EMUAGENTS do for you?

Higher Income

By joining EMUAGENTS network and submitting your applications through emuagents.com, you will, almost certainly, increase your income and earn more without increasing the number of recruited students!

Better Communication

It is no secret that it can be hard to get hold of university officials sometimes.

Well, we can help with that!

We know the right people; we will act as a bridge between you and the institution.

Your Local Office

As partners, we will be your local office and provide your students with continuous local support. Whenever they need some kind of assistance or guidance, our representatives will be there to show them the way!

Swift Reaction

Finding suitable students and convincing them to apply for a university requires a lot of hard work. Even when you do your part, you might still loose students due to a tardy response from the university. Our established good relations and efficient communication with the university will elicit swift responses for your inquiries and applications.

Exclusive Services

To provide you with exclusive services, our representatives will meet your students at the airport. They will have the privilege of being picked up and transferred to the university, exclusively. Should you wish, your students will also be assisted with their registration procedures

Growing Business

You will benefit from exclusive services for your students and all the other privileges provided by “your local office”. This will definitely increase your customer satisfaction. Having satisfied, happy students and parents simply means more business!

Who We Are

EMUAGENTS is established by the former “General Coordinator for Recruitment” of Eastern Mediterranean University. He successfully recruited thousands of local and international students for EMU during his 22 years long career with the university.

He also recruited hundreds of representatives or agents for the university; established and maintained good relations with them and used his full potential to help them grow their businesses. All our team members are very familiar and have close relationships with the university.

Our Pricing

How much does it cost to become a member of EMUAGENTS network?

Actually, joining the network of EMUAGENTS is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You are not required to pay any membership fee. You join for FREE and start benefiting from the collaboration.

Contact Us

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